General Rules

<>All Hounds will be in competition with each other, as will all Foxes. At the end of the hunt, the winner(s) will be the Hound(s) who has/have worked the most Foxes, and the Fox who has worked the most hounds. Special recognition may be given in other categories. The Foxes may also participate as Hounds. Good hunting, and make FUN your First Priority!

QRP Fox Hunt Definitions:
   Fox    =    The station the Hounds try to work.   
   Hound    =    Each QRP station trying to work The Fox.   
   Pelt    =    Slang for a completed QSO.   
   QRO    =    Any output power greater than 5 watts.   
   QRP    =    5 watts or less RF output from the transmitter.   
   QRPp    =    1 watt or less RF output from the transmitter.   
   QSO    =    Complete exchange of Signal Report, QTH,
Operator's Name, & Power Output.
   QTH    =    State, Canadian Province (or Country if outside US/Can).   

Rules from our Past:
Everything below this line is pretty much an archive from
rules we've used in past hunts. We're now using separate
sets of rules for our Summer and Winter hunts...


The hunts will take place each Thursday evening (US time) from Thursday, November 4th, 2004 through Thursday, March 17th, 2005.

Each hunt will start at 0200Z, and last for 2 hours (last entry no later than 0359).
The local Thursday evening starting times will be as follows in North America:

6:00pm Pacific
7:00pm Mountain
8:00pm Central
9:00pm Eastern

In each week there will be two Hunts, with two Foxes operating simultaneously.


(Provided by Tom, N1TP, former QRP Fox Hunt Scorekeeper)

  1. DON'T USE TABS. LOG containing tabs must be re-done - by you. 
    Computer program will not accept a LOG with tabs.

  2. See correct LOG (e-mailed concurrently with the LOG instructions). 

  3. EVERY line in LOG must include, in this order, time (UTC), 
    Hound's callsign, signal report Hound sent to FOX, Hound's State,
    Hound's name & Hound's power output. 
    Reports FOX sends to the Hounds are not required).

  4. An entry that does not contain all 5 items could possibly 
    be voided (by the Committee) if a "LOG protest" is filed.
    Typos can be corrected later. 

  5. If you don't enter a QSO in pre-log, add it before FINAL Log. 

  6. Don't put superfluous infomation in your LOG, such as:

    40CW 21-Nov-03 02:01 1 K0EVZ 559 559 NM DOC 5W

    A correct example entry is: 0200 K0EVZ 559 NM DOC 5W 

  7. Your QSO will be the last line, just under entry for other FOX.

    0400 [other FOX's call] xxx [other FOX's State] FOX 5W 
    0400 [ur call] xxx [ur state] FOX 5W 

[FOX's signal report is always "xxx" & FOX's name is always "FOX"]

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Who's Who on the QRP Fox Hunt Committee:

KØEVZ -    Doc, Grand Poobah Too  
VE5RC -    Bruce, Team Tallies  
K3ESE -    Lloyd, Admin & Scheduling  
N9NE -    Todd, Scorekeeper  
N1FN -    ET, Grand Grand Poobah  
WBØJNR -    Roger, Webmaster  

The QRP Fox Hunt Committee wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Club for their generous sponsorship of these hunts! We especially want to thank Marshall, at MorseExpress, for all of the web assistance he provided CQC and the QRP Fox Hunt since their first appearances on the Internet! 


We continue receiving Email complaints that this web site promotes the hunting and killing of foxes. NO! "QRP Fox Hunt" is simply a name we've given a fun and exciting amateur radio activity that involves radio equipment, low power transmissions, antennas, and lots of skill between radio operators exchanging signals with each other - this activity has nothing to do with animals, guns, hunting or killing - thank you!!

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