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Summer 2007
20M Fox Hunt

The Summer 2007 20M Fox Hunt will begin on Thursday, July 5th 2007 and run through Thursday September 6th 2007.  There are two hunts each Thursday, so 10 Foxes will be needed.  Each Fox will be scheduled for two hunts, usually separated by several weeks.

There are three factors that are considered in selecting Foxes:

    1.  Skill-- the Fox must be able to work through a pile-up and complete as many exchanges as possible during the hunt.  If you cannot send and receive at 20wpm you will find it extremely difficult. 

    2.  Equipment--  the ability to put a stable 5W signal out through a good antenna, and a receiver that has adequate sensitivity and selectivity.

    3.  Location--  we will strive for as wide a geographical distribution of Foxes as possible, consistent with the other requirements.


Please complete the following:






Can you send and copy Morse comfortably at 20WPM or more? YES  NO

Your primary transceiver must be capable of 5W  output and should have "split" capability  in the form of wide range RIT, XIT, or dual VFOs.

    Primary Transceiver: 
   Other Transceiver(s): 

Primary Antenna for 20M: 
       Other Antenna(s): 

  Experience as Fox: 
Experience as Hound: 

Other experience such as operating on a DXpedition  or major contests may be relevant.

        Other Experience: 

If there are Thursdays between 6/15 and 8/17 when you would not be availble, please indicate them here.  

     Blackout Dates: 

Please enter any other information that you think should be considered.


   By submitting this form you are agreeing that you have read and will abide by the rules.

When you press the SEND button below, watch the status line at the bottom of the screen for confirmation that the data has been sent. The next page you see should be an acknowledgement screen.

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