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"It's a fine fox chase, my boys!"
George Washington, Battle of Princeton, 1777

Summer 2007
20M QRP Fox Hunt

Fox Log

Hunt No 13,  WC7S

0103 NT9K 559 FL BILL 5W
0104 KD2MX 559 NJ PAUL 5W
0106 AB3CV 559 MD JIM 5W
0106 N1TP 599 FL TOM 5W
0108 N0AR 559 NM SCOTT 5W
0109 N1RX 559 NH BRUCE 5W
0110 K1QO 559 NH ANN 5W
0110 N9NE 559 WI TODD 5W
0111 N1IX 559 NH DAVE 5W
0112 AK2B 559 NY TOM 5W
0114 N1VWD 559 VT BRAD 5W
0115 VE5AEA 559 SK DAVE 5W
0116 KC1FB 559 CT JIM 5W
0117 NK6A 559 CA DON 5W
0123 K3PH 559 PA BOB 5W
0124 K6VNX 559 CA ARLEN 5W
0125 K9CW 559 IL DREW 5W
0127 K4PBY 559 FL CHUCK 5W
0133 WA9TZE 449 WI JIM 5W
0140 W9LR 559 WI BILL 5W
0157 W7KXB 559 WA BILL 5W
0201 K6XR 559 CA REGGIE 5W
0216 W6UR 559 CA LOU 5W
0225 KZ5P 599 TX PAUL 5W
0230 AA4NN xxx SC FOX 5W
0230 WC7S xxx WY FOX 5W

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The QRP Fox Hunt Committee wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Club  for their generous sponsorship of these hunts! We especially want to thank the many hams who have helped with administration of the hunts from time to time, Marshall, at MorseExpress, for all of the web assistance he provided CQC and the QRP Fox Hunt since their first appearances on the Internet!

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